Walk around your home and really look at your appliances. Have you ever considered how much they impact your life, and how much more they could if they were better?

We’ve taken these essential elements of your home, and reimagined them with considered craft, thoughtful materials, resilient manufacturing and sleek design to create their next-gen avatars. In doing so we’ve taken your homes into the future; one that demands better living. Infinity awaits. It’s time to bring it home.



Byzero appliances are shockproof, fire-resistant, and hazard-proof. Want proof? They come with electrical overload protectors, thermal overload protectors, 3-pin earthed power cords, and highly-ribbed guards to ensure safety and avoid accidents (and we’ve even made these features look stylish for your home decor needs!)

Safety and modern design don’t come at the cost of your electricity bills. Our products are all designed to consume minimal electricity so that your energy costs stay low while you get the maximum use out of them.

We build for sustainability, so we build for the long term. Every one of Byzero’s sustainable home appliances will last you for years and will keep running just as well as it did when it was brand new. Get used to seeing our products in your home, they’re there to stay.

Supremely Safe
Extra Efficient Fans
Immensely Durable


Everything Byzero does is in the pursuit of sustainability, for our processes and for the planet. Our materials are sustainable; we use recycled as well as biodegradable polymer resins in every product.

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    Our packaging is thrifty; we use recycled and biodegradable packaging, without any single-use plastic or thermocol.

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    Our design is future-oriented; we design every product to consume less electricity, making them very energy efficient.

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    Our manufacturing is local; every product is made right here with Indian materials, factories and labour.

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    Our outlook is mindful; we plant trees against every purchase so that our carbon footprint is reduced!

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