Warranty Policy:

How can I make a claim against warranty?
Byzero provides warranty on all the product against manufacturing defects.
If there is any defect in the product, you may register a complain through our customer care number or reach out to us at care@byzeroelectric.com  

Byzero provides on-call and on-site repair service. However, if we cannot repair your product, we shall replace it free of cost.

Can I get service if my product is not under warranty period?
Yes, you may get a paid service for out of warranty calls. Please reach out to our customer care for further details.

How can I get an invoice for a out of warranty service call?
The invoice will be mailed to you after the service is completed.
If, due to any reason, you have not received the same, please reach out to care@byzeroelectric.com.

What is the warranty on spare parts?
Warranty of the replaced spare part for an ‘out-of-warranty’ product is 15 days. Service cost for out of warranty products will be charged at Rs. 300/- per product.

When is the warranty not valid?

  • If the original bill and serial number of the fan is not presented.
  • For damages resulting from toppling or falling off, distorted/damaged bladed, accidents, attempted repairs, or negligence on part of the customer or unauthorised person.
  • For normal wear and tear, aging, or chipping, peeling off or any other damage to the plated, metallic or plastic parts.
  • For damage resulting from fan being installed/operated in hostile environments or due to exposure or entrapment of water from ceiling or any other source.
  • If installation, maintenance and use of fan or accessories are not in accordance with the instructions provided.
  • For damages in the oscillation mechanism or flaps resulting from manual or forced change in direction.
  • Warranty will not be applicable if product failure is caused by unusual conditions such as water logging, misuse, abnormal voltage supply other than specified 230V, 50Hz, single AC mains, eg- Invertors, Generators, Lighting, Act of god.
  • If repair work has been carried out by any unauthorised person or any spare part has been used that is not of Byzero.
  • The warranty obligation does not cover charges, if any, incurred on account of services rendered which are outside the scope of warranty.


    • The company shall not be liable for the damage/personal injury or death arising due to improper installation which is not in accordance with the instructions provided.
    • If supply cord is damaged, qualified personnel must replace it to avoid hazard.
    • The appliances is not meant to be used by children or person with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities without supervision or instructions for their own safety.
    • In no case will the warranty liability exceed the product cost.
    • Warranty does not cover any consequential damages.
    • Company will not be held responsible for any delays in service due to operational reason or reasons beyond direct control of the company.
    • Any dispute will be subject to jurisdiction of the courts at Kolkata.